Aball1 social inclusion through physical activity

Create a social arena in which everyone is encouraged to participate.

Aball1 provides an environment for social interaction and personal development through physical activity and group problem solving.

PRACTICE SOCIAL LEARNING In Aball1 exercises, being the smartest or the strongest is rarely enough. The key to success is working together to solve both physical and theoretical tasks. Through choice of exercises, feedback and encouragement, the teacher helps to create a motivational climate. Students will learn to evaluate their own performance and feeling of achievement, up against their experiences in solving problems together. Comparison to others’ performances and their own experience of achievement is based on simple, manageable and meaningful goals such as academic knowledge and physical participation.

GET TO KNOW MORE PEOPLE During a session with Aball1 the teams and the number of students are naturally shuffled, making the composition of each team less predictable. This ensures that everyone will have the experience of winning. Cooperating with other pupils than the ones you normally cooperate with, contributes to breaking up cliques and can provide a positive impact on both the social environment and learning. In addition, friendship and mutual acceptance often results from shared experiences.

Aball1 activities provide children and youth with an opportunity to practice teamwork and social skills, as well as developing positive self-esteem and a feeling of mastery.

Working to promote health and well-being in schools is not just important to prevent behavioural problems: It is also an important aspect in enhancing academic learning.