Tall- og bokstavballene

50 balls

An Aball1 set consists of 50 number and letter balls, 25 red and 25 blue. These are the same size as a size 1 football.


Every balls is marked with a letter, with every letter of the alphabet represented at least once. Two balls have a joker instead of a letter…which can be used to represent any letter.

The spread of letters is similar to that of scrabble tiles; there are more A’s and E’s than Q’s and Z’s!


Each ball also features a number; 0 – 9 repeated five times.


Each Aball1 set also contains 50 cones, 25 green and 25 yellow. The cones are employed in a variety of ways, depending on the challenge.


To keep all your equipment together, the Aball1 set comes with an XXL bag on wheels. These are durable, lightweight and make it easy to get your equipment from A to B.