Active learning for everyone with Aball1

Promote learning through teamwork and fun physical activity!

Aball1 is a stimulating teaching method that makes learning an activity that gets everyone involved.

STIMULATING Aball1 combines the important need for physical activity with learning. It provides an opportunity for increasing school outcomes for everyone: for students with problems keeping focus in traditional classroom education, and students with a need for a more physical approach to learning.

THE BRAIN LOVES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Chances of a good academic outcome improve when we encourage the use of all the senses while learning. The more parts of the brain are involved: vision, hearing, touch, smell, feelings and motion, the more likely it is that information can be remembered later on. In addition, physical activity releases enzymes that improve communication between neurons in the brain and thus acts favourably on memory.

MOTIVATION FOR LEARNING THROUGH COOPERATION Specially adapted exercises with Aball1 is a unique opportunity for all students to learn and practice academic abilities together. Participation is encouraged through team tasks and informal competitions such as finishing first or having the best, funniest or most creative answer. Cooperation when solving a challenge promotes the feeling of having succeeded as a group and creates positive connotations that makes remembering easier and the subjects seem more fun. Cooperating while learning also gives an opportunity for sharing knowledge, as the knowledgeable teach others what they know, and the less knowledgeable learn from their teammates. The end result is an including environment in which everyone gets an opportunity to participate with their unique abilities.