Our history and philosophy

Aball1. Philosophy, method and tool

After more than 20 years of working with physical activities for children and teenagers in Oslo, we saw the need for a tool which could combine our accumulated knowledge and experience in this field.

Aball1 is the result of our insight into what is needed to build great social and academic learning environments through physical exercise. Aball1 are the number and letter balls that bring our philosophy and method to life.

It gets children and teenagers involved, and helps prevent social problems by creating an arena for active participation. Aball1 makes physical activity, cooperation and learning fun for all!

The philosophy and method of Aball1 meets three challenges:

– Aball1 creates an arena where children and teenagers can feel safe and get a mastery experience, and where mutual respect and cooperation can help create a great environment.

– Aball1 gives all youths a positive experience with physical activity in a way that gets even those who are normally not very active involved.

– Aball1 motivates the young to learn. It creates an arena where everyone enjoys the experience of learning, and where those who have problems learning through traditional methods, are given a new way to attain knowledge.