Why use Aball1?

Aball1 philosophy


Aball1 meets three challenges:

Teamwork / Social Inclusion

Aball1 creates an inclusive environment where both children and adults can learn the importance of “good old teamwork”, where mutual respect and cooperation gets results! Every participant is involved from start to finish.


Physical activity

Aball1 gives all participants a positive experience with physical activity. The intensity of each game or session is up to you and can be adapted to suit all abilities. It is so important to keep fit and healthy, to avoid the increasingly sedentary lifestyle which contributes to obesity and related health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.


Academic Learning

Aball1 is a creative educational concept, a kinaesthetic way of learning which involves teamwork, challenge and physical activity in developing children’s Literacy and Numeracy skills. Aball1 games have also been used to teach Health Education, Geography and even Chemistry!