The number and letter balls

Aball1 is a game based learning concept using a set of 50 patented number & letter balls with accompanying games which make it fun to solve physical and theoretical tasks together with others.

The tasks are tailored to the national curriculum/learning outcomes and create a positive learning environment around almost any subject. Participants, old and young, are engaged promoting the principle of readiness and allowing for the principle of exercise. Aball1 motivates everyone!

On the balls, the numbers 0-9 are repeated five times. The numbered balls provide plenty of practical learning opportunities in numeracy. On the 50 balls, you will also find the entire alphabet from A-Z. The spread of letters is similar to that of scrabble tiles…there are more ‘A’ balls than ‘Z’ balls, for example. This gives a tremendeus range of possibilities for writing and reading. 50 cones are included in the Aball1 set (so the balls don’t roll away when you are trying to spell out words or solve equations!).

Aball1 gives everyone, even those who normally do not participate in physical activity, the motivation to be physically active through a variety of fun, informal and game-like exercises and group challenges. This helps in the fight against obesity and related health risks.

Aball1 gives everyone the opportunity to experience the strong social community found in team sports. Through informal competition, participants learn how to build teams and utilize each others unique qualities promoting social inclusion.



Aball1 games create a positive learning environment, giving those who need a more kinesthetic approach to learning or who benefit from learning in groups an opportunity to participate positively in their own education.