Kari Morthov Trønnes, Groruddalen School, Norway:

“Our staff are all very positive and use Aball1 as often as possible. It is great to see how the struggling children experience a real sense of achivement and had some great moments. After 3 years we still use the concept, and we are very happy with the results. More physical activity, more fun and varied learning, and not least important from my point of view, a great way of training social skills”.


Charlotte Hopkins, Anglesey Primary Academy, UK:

“Everyone has been completely raving about Aball1! It really hadn’t occurred to me what the staff response would be, I knew they would enjoy it but didn’t realise how it would bring everyone together … it was just so fantastic to see everyone working together and having fun! I’m still riding the wave myself!!! So thank you so much for everything and I will do everything I can to spread the word”.


Ms Pluckrose, Assistant Head Teacher, St Edward’s, Newham:

“Aball1 is a very unique, kinaesthetic approach to learning with an amazing element of teamwork and challenge. The active element of fun ensured pupil participation was extremely high from start to finish”.


Amir Dossal, Chairman, Global Partnerships Forum, United Nations:

“We appreciate the wonderful work you are doing to engage young people in creative ways through sport”.


Steve Lomax, Numeracy Specialist, Academies Enterprise Trust:

“I absolutely love the Aball1 concept. My mind is really buzzing with the potential of the resource”.


Sean Daly, Charlton Athletic FC Community Trust: 

“We use the aball1 equipment and sessions in various schools in our boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham. This engages children aged 5 – 13 years old with numeracy and literacy. Aball1 is fun and easy for the children to use and understand with games designed that related to the national curriculum. This has been very successful”.


Adam, Queens Park Rangers Community Trust – Coach and Health Officer:

“Everybody got involved, whereas in some sports some people are involved more often than others”.


Sølvi Egner-Kaupang, General Secretary 4H Norway:

At 4-H we try to educate active and responsible young people with respect for nature and human beings. Our motto is ‘learning by doing’, our model is having ‘young training young’.

Aball1 fits perfectly into what we try to achieve. Using it, we give children an important sense of achievement and inclusion, we motivate for learning while being physical active.


Supported by the Norwegian Directorate of Health

“Aball1`s success in schools in the Oslo area is a great example of new ways to promote physical activity. It is a simple, smart, inclusive and affordable tool, and caters for both physical activity, theoretical teaching and competitions for everyone.”

Senior advisor in the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Rolf Hansen, has worked in Norwegian schools for many years, and has been present during numerous Aball1 sessions.


 Supported by The Norwegian Football Association

“The activities with the balls encourages cooperation and competition, yet very fun. During the demonstrations I have participated in, laughter rang out and it has been fascinating to see how well children and teenagers can work together across ages, genders and ethnic origin when they do activities with this product.”

Henrik Lunde, Consultant equality and diversity, Grassroots department, The Football Association of Norway


Aball1 is supported by many more Norwegian and English teachers and even more students!