Picking berries

Picking berries

Split into two teams.
Let all the balls out in the middle of the room.
One team is to pick blueberries (blue balls) and the other team picks strawberries (red balls).

Each team assigns one person the task of picking berries. The other team members form a big basket by joining hands. The big basket has to follow the picker, so that it is easy to pick and place the berries in the basket as quickly as possible.

Each team collects as many berries as possible, until all the berries are gone. The first team to return to the starting point is the winner.


Among the blueberries there are some who are not completely ripe. They are marked with the number 5. Can you sort these out? Among the strawberries there are some which are really sour and they have the number 4. Can you sort these out?

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