Kilos and Grams (weights and measures)

Kilos and Grams (weights and measures)

Divide the students into two teams.

Set up two lines of cones at each end of the room. A starting line and a goal line.

Remove the jokers and divide the balls equally between the teams, twelve red and twelve blue. Red balls weigh the number of kilos as the number indicates, the blue balls weigh the amount in 100 grams that the number of the ball shows. (7 = 700 grams)

The task is that each team will carry as many balls as possible from the starting line across the goal line by using the balls as the ‘glue’ between themselves. Balls dropped on the floor are lost and must remain on the floor.

When they cross the goal line, the teams must calculate how many kilos and grams they carried in total.

How much did you carry? Answer in kilos and grams.

The team has carried the most weight wins.

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