1000-relay with 10 (time tables)

1000-relay with 10 (time tables)

Divide the students into teams with a minimum of five on each team.

Each team takes a ball. The team forms a row behind the starting line with their backs facing the room.

The student closest to the wall starts with the ball. He hands the ball to the student behind while counting out loud: ’10!’ and runs past the others on the team and takes the place at the back of the row. Next student passes the ball, counts: ’20!’ and places themself at the back of the row and so on. For every fifth passing of the ball, the whole team shout: ’50!’ … ‘100! ‘… etc.

The ball is passed over the head and between the legs alternately. Cooperation and concentration is vital!

First team to 1000 wins.


2-4-6, etc. to 100

5, 10, 15, 20 etc. to 500

100, 200, 300, etc. to 10 000

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