Recycle Race / Aksjon Fraksjon

Aksjon Fraksjon 2Introducing our newest educational game… Recycle Race (English) / Aksjon Fraksjon (Norsk)

After seeing Aball1 in action, Green Dot plc (a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector) set us a challenge:

Green Point logo‘Create a game based on the same principles as Aball1 so that learning about what, how and where to recycle can be fun’.

We set to work, testing different ideas, games and challenges, developing a concept we believed was the solution. The first prototype, made entirely of recycled materials, was tested at several schools. The feedback was really positive from both teachers and pupils; the games proved effective! Recycle Race (English)/Aksjon Fraksjon (Norsk) had arrived.

Following this, we shared Recycle Race/Aksjon Fraksjon with the global youth organisation 4-H, who felt it a perfect fit for their campaign “From Earth to Table”. 4-H Norway subsequently secured funding to produce the game which will be rolling out to each of their local clubs (circa 650).

The game was also well received by our ‘challengers’, Green Dot plc, who intend to deliver Aksjon Fraksjon into schools in Norway.

Recycling is one of the best ways for people to have a positive impact on the world in which we live, it is important to both the natural environment and each and every one of us. We are looking to delivering Recycle Race/Aksjon Fraksjon in 4-H clubs, schools and kindergartens, and doing our bit to help.

The Team at Gladiator GT/Aball1 are hugely grateful for the support we have received from Green Point, LOOP, 4-H, Elopak and Ferd in reaching this stage.

The Recycle Race starts here!


Aksjon Fraksjon 3Aksjon Fraksjon is manufactured using recycled tyres and card. The picture cards and carton to carry and store the game is created by Elopak.


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