Divide the students into four teams, Teams A, B, C and D.

Divide the room into four sections with the cones.

Teams A and B take 12 red balls each and go to their respective corners. Teams C and D each take 12  blue balls and go to the corners at the opposite side of the room.

Team A v Team C, Team B v Team D: the red team will try to roll their balls across the room onto the blue area – and vice versa. Or, all Teams can roll into whichever section they like.

Let the Teams roll for one minute. Once the minute is finished, ask the students to count the number of balls on their section.

Ask the teams:

Who’s got the most red and who’s got the most blue balls?

How many of the team’s balls are blue?

Answer with fractions.

Repeat the competition when teams  have answered.


What part of the total balls, has number 4?

What part of the total balls has the letter A?

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